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Estimated date : 1930 - 1939 | Location : Gillock | View on Google Maps

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New houses at Gillock, June 1934. in 1937 - the tenants then were Mr and Mrs Jimmy Manson (Retired OAP) Mr and mrs Bob McKay and their son James (Roadman) Mr and Mrs Robbie Waters and their son Donald (Reired OAP) Mr and Mrs Wullie Henderson and their daughter Marie. (local Blacksmith and Farrier) These houses were superb as they had modern bathrooms with flush toilets . They had huge gardens which kept them all in vegetables. Tere was a school and shop over the road(which sold parrafin and petrol) and a post office nearby. The village was served by a Smithy, a joinershop and undertaker. The local registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages was at the end of the village. A bus ran once a week to Thurso on a Tuesday and to Wick on a Thursday. If a car was needed for emergencies _ John Allan , Gillock Mains would help. The village joiner made a cart and the wheels were shod at the smithy. He also made coffins


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